Raw Challenge #8 – Lorenzo Pit Lane

Posted on 29 Oct, 2015 by Scott Jones


#4 is from David Hall:


#5 is from RC veteran Andreas-Weinand, who adds:
First of all I did a “normal” raw-exposure / -edit in LR. I brought back the sky (pencil mask), lit up the box interior, straightened the pic so that the box wall was straight.
In my resulting “base-image” I cutted out the mechanic / team-guy on the right side.

Then I imported the pic to Photoshop and added a lighting effect (the “sun” on top of Jorge) and a bit of lensflares to get more drama into the picture.

After that, I reedited the picture in LR, added much more clarity and did my final crop. The wall inside the box disturbed me, so I decided to nearly crop it to 1:1. Not exactly 1:1, but close – I just wanted the face of the camera-man kept in the final-image (because I could not get rid of the camera itself) and because I think his view and the view of the technician behind Jorge tell a story, imho, about Jorges back tire.


Krystian Polak also adds some commentary to his version, #6 in the series so far:
I try to just push more sunny lights, then I mixed color channels and pushed some cinematic effect 🙂


More Reader Edited Versions on the next page:



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