Motegi MotoGP 2016 Photo Tour Part 2

Posted on 18 Oct, 2016 by Scott Jones
motegi motogp 2016 photo-tour-2-s

Our second look at Motegi MotoGP 2016. Above Marc Marquez disappears into the Repsol Honda box. He would emerge on Sunday to claim his fifth world championship.


motegi-motogp-2016-bradley-smithStill recovering from his recent leg surgery, Bradley Smith displayed his toughness by mounting up and riding hard.


motegi-motogp-2016-dani-pedrosaDani Pedrosa displayed his toughness by flying to Barcelona with his recently re-broken collarbone and having yet another surgery. Perhaps we will see him back at Valencia for the season finale, perhaps we won’t.


motegi-motogp-2016-ducati-mechanicThey say the camera never lies. So this Ducati mechanic is happy to see me, right? In fact he has just waved to a friend behind me and still has a lingering smile which disappeared a moment after this photograph was made.


motegi-motogp-2016-katsuyuki-nakasugaKatsuyuki Nakasuga was riding hard.


motegi-motogp-2016-hiroshi-aoyama-wheelieSo was Hiroshi Aoyama.


motegi-motogp-2016-marc-marquez-brakingSo was Marc Marquez.


motegi-motogp-2016-animeFor me it became well and truly the Japanese Grand Prix when this creature arrived and examined a motorcycle as if for the first time.

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