Photo.GP is a photography-based site for fans of motorcycle racing, and for fans of photography itself. While there are plenty of words, our goal is to add at least one new photograph every day for our regular visitors to enjoy. In fact, the initial idea for this site came from friend and colleague Jensen Beeler, editor of Asphalt & Rubber, who posted this piece the day after we went live here at the new PHOTO.GP web site.

In addition to something new to look at each day, we also offer unique content to help you see motorcycle racing from a new and different perspective, one based on the photographer’s point of view. To accomplish this, we not only show exciting images, but often add some behind the scenes information about the how, why, or when that went into creating that particular image.

So whether you like the pictures and enjoy learning something about how they came into being, or want to improve your own photography via our examples and short lessons, the Photo.GP web site offers something new and interesting every day.

This is also the place to browse and purchase unique Limited and Open Edition prints signed by MotoGP riders. To view these items or read about our guarantee of authenticity, please visit the Shop section.

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Photo.GP is not the work of a single person. In addition to those who worked on the design and technology behind the site, we are pleased to present the work of a variety of photographers and writers.

Steve English

Tony Goldsmith

Scott Jones

Dan Lo

Diego Mola


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  • ianmacey 2014-10-01

    When starting photography in 2010 I looked around for inspiration and Scott has always been at the top of my list. This website is a further enhancement, and I am especially enjoying the technique postings. Would be interested in what you think of my photos http://www.iamphotos.net/. All of them have been taken on the spectator side of the tracks using a Canon 450D with kit lenses.

    Many thanks and regards, Ian

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