Casey Stoner, Dani Pedrosa, Marc Marquez and Cal Crutchlow

When you purchase a signed print from PHOTO.GP, you are buying from a source you can trust to deliver exactly what you want – a photograph signed by the rider, and not by his manager, his girlfriend, or his buddy.

Signed prints available from PHOTO.GP are ALWAYS signed in my presence. The people I work with understand that I have to be there in order to guarantee to my customers that the print they are buying was signed by that rider. There is no handing prints off to a manager or friend of the rider and collecting them later.

Each signed print comes with either a Certificate of Authenticy, or in some cases, and label on the back of the print stating the date and location that the rider signed that individual print. Certificates and stickers are always signed by me, my personal guarantee to you that the rider signed that specific print.

For limited editions, I provide a photo of the rider either in the process of signing or holding a signed piece.

For every copy in a limited edition, I maintain a database of the original purchaser, the date of purchase, and the ship to location. When a print owner requests my help to resell a PHOTO.GP limited edition, I can then ensure the item’s provenance by making sure the new buyer knows he is purchasing from the original owner, and even inspecting the item before transfer of ownership if necessary.

I personally guarantee that every rider-signed print I offer for sale was signed by the rider shown in the photo on the date and at the location listed on the sticker or the certificate.

Scott with MotoGP 2006 World Champion, Nicky Hayden


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