John McGuinness Norton IoMTT 2015

Contributor: Stephen English

Steve English is the MotoGP reporter for Motorcycle News in the U.K. and has been working in the MotoGP paddock for the past five years with a variety of magazines, newspapers and websites. Steve is also a regular at various other races with Formula 1, Sportscars, World and British Superbikes often on his calendar.

He says: “I use a pretty standard issue kit at the moment. I have a Canon 5Dmk3 that I usually twin with a the newer 100-400mm F4.5/F5.6 L series lens when I’m trackside. I also have a 24-105mm F4 lens for wider angle shots. I only started shooting when I started going to Grand Prix in 2010 but had to wait until the following year when I was able to upgrade my kit from basic point and click cameras to a 60D with 70-300m lens.

“Since then I’ve been lucky to shoot at events ranging from the Daytona 500 to the Le Mans 24 Hours and pretty much everything in between. Standing trackside at any race is a privilege and while this year has seen me forced to become an “air-con warrior,” much to the amusement of Scott, Tony and Cormac! On race day my favourite moments of a Grand Prix weekend are still standing trackside.”

To see more of Steve’s work, please visit Stephen English Photography or find him on Twitter and Facebook.


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