Energica Ego

Posted on 1 Aug, 2014 by Scott Jones
Energica Ego Electric motorcycle

I was very lucky to be able to help Energica show off their electric super bike a few weeks ago, and mamma mia, is this bike amazing.

I’ve seen and photographed quite a few of the e-bikes on the market, scheduled to be on the market, and probably not going to be on the market. The Ego is remarkable in many ways, but what caught my eye most frequently while photographing it were the many details, some small, some large, that are done so, so right.

The finish, attention to detail, the love with which it has been designed and put together are all fantastic.

Sadly, my hopes of getting to ride it when the day’s shoot was over were crashed, I mean, dashed. Long story short: perfect copies of the Ego were suddenly in shorter supply than they had been at the day’s start. Letting the photog twist and go became a bit too risky.

But I ride it in my dreams, people. And it’s wonderful.

Read the full story of the Ego over at Asphalt & Rubber.



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