Contest: Caption This 46 and 93

Posted on 27 Jun, 2014 by Scott Jones
Valentino Rossi Marc Marquez press conference Le Mans French GP

For a trip to the PHOTO.GP Grab Bag, try your luck at captioning this image.

The best answer, as selected by our panel of experts, will receive his or her choice of one item from the Grab Bag, shipped for free.

The deadline for this Contest is: Tuesday, July 29, 8PM PST.

There is no fee to enter this contest. Anyone dissatisfied with the results can request a full refund.



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  • CRT Fan 2014-07-22

    Wait. Red Bull is paying you how much?

  • Steven 2014-07-23

    Vale – “I used to be you”
    Marquez – “I am who you used to be”

  • metallecha 2014-07-24

    Vale: so you think u can be as famous as I am?
    Marc: dunno.. Let’s see

  • PDM 2014-07-25

    What do you mean the race winner gets Linda?!

    (Linda = Linda Morselli)

    (And, site = much, much better than before.)

  • Stuono8 2014-07-26

    Both are comments on what each are thinking not spoken
    VR ” Little Punk ”
    MM ” What are you going to do now old man”

  • fmfs4rs 2014-07-27

    V. Rossi: Where’s Jorge?
    M. Marquez: I thought he was behind you.

  • Lynchie 2014-07-29

    Vale : “Hows your health these days MM ? No ill effects recently ? vomiting or nausea ?”

    MM : “No… why ?”

    Vale puzzled thinks – *dammit that stuff i slipped into his drink didn’t work.. lets try Plan F*

  • Chaz46 2014-07-29

    Marquez – Looking into the eyes of his future. Rossi – Looking into the eyes of his past.

  • glennhakkers 2014-07-29

    Rossi: “So you think a fart cushion is funny?”
    Marquez: “Not as much as winning 9 out of 9..”

  • RexMoto 2014-07-29

    Marc: But I want to be the GOAT!!
    Vale: Not yet – you are still just a Kid..

  • Scott Jones 2014-07-29

    Thanks to everyone who contributed a caption in our first contest. The winner has been chosen: CRT Fan will get his choice of one item from the Grab Bag. Please watch for the next contest!

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