MotoMatters Calendar Update

Posted on 17 Sep, 2014 by Scott Jones

When we go to press with the MotoMatters calendar each year, we know it’s likely that there will be changes in the schedules of either MotoGP or WSBK. But people want the calendar for the holidays, so we print a version that is accurate as of press time and hope for the best.

This year, the Asia flyway MotoGP races got jumbled up such that none of the three races is correct on the calendar. For that reason, I’ve created a replacement page for customers to print and attach over the October 2014 page in the calendar.

The page comes in three sizes, each a pdf file, to dowload and print on your local printer. You may have letter sized or A4 paper in your printer, so there are versions for those sizes. If you have a large-format printer and want to print the same size as the calendar, there’s one for you as well.

If you’re in the US, the click here for the letter size version.

If you are in a metric country, click here for the A4 version.

If you have a printer that can accommodate a sheet 13″ x 9.25″, click here for the original version.



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