November 2014 Desktop Calendar – Honda RC213V

Posted on 31 Oct, 2014 by Scott Jones
Honda RC213V in pit lane November desktop calendar

November’s hi-res desktop wallpaper calendar from PHOTO.GP features a Honda RC213V warming up in pit lane on a cold Silverstone morning.

It was particularly cool the morning this image was made. I was out in pit lane early, as you can sometimes get shots of the bikes with few people around. These two are the LCR Hondas of Stefan Bradl, which his mechanics were warming up for the first time that day.

I have several images from various seasons of exhaust emerging from the pipes. Not sure why this is a subject I return to, other than that I find it very interesting when you can see via the smoke what’s going on at this part of the motorcycle.

For example, look closely at the very tip of the pipe, where the criss cross vents allow exhaust to escape but prevent rocks and gravel from entering the pipe should the bike crash.

You can see the exhaust gas through the side of that grate, and before it’s dispersed by the end grate section it is actually in a tight stream of gas. The areas above and below the exhaust gas are clear. You can see right through those parts of the pipe, but in the very middle the gas is dense and thick just before it emerges.

The gas also makes interesting and to me at least, pleasing shapes once it has escaped the pipe.

The colors of the pipe itself are also beautiful, at least to me. Consider the right edge of the image, where the exhaust pipe turns 180 degrees. The weld seams are still bright, while the sections in between those seams have darkened, looking something like scales of a snake. Or perhaps even a dragon…


How to Download the Honda RC213V Desktop Calendar

To download the 1920-pixel wide jpg in US format (Sunday – Saturday), just click on the image above.

This calendar is also available in Euro-format (Monday – Sunday). To download this version, just click here.

There is even a version in Indonesian, presented in cooperation with our friends at


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