2014 MotoGP Falls Report, Part 1

Posted on 4 Dec, 2014 by Scott Jones
Marc Marquez Phillip Island crash 2014 Repsol Honda

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Dorna has released the 2014 MotoGP Falls Report and as usual, the data included within are pretty interesting.

In case you didn’t know, Dorna tracks a lot of statistics over the course of the season, and it’s not merely rider lap times. Pretty much every event during every session is logged, and the information related to a rider falling is compiled to create The Falls Report, the 2014 version of which is a 96-page document that presents all the data organized in several different ways.

The data are sorted into various groups so that we can see which riders fell most frequently, which circuits hosted the most falls, and even which corner at each circuit saw the most falls on a given race weekend.

Over the next few days, we’ll display several of these collections of information. First up:

Falls By Circuit

MotoGP Falls by Circuit 2014 Season all classes

The above graph shows total falls for all classes for each circuit used in 2014. It is merely a data set, however, and offers no information about weather, track conditions, or other factors that might affect the number of falls on a given weekend at a given circuit.

Still, when compared to previous years’ data, we can see that in general some tracks host more falls than others. Misano World Circuit—Marco Simoncelli claimed the top spot in 2014 with 109 total falls. Last year, Le Mans led with 68 falls, though Misano was a close second with 66. In 2012 Misano saw 70 falls, but between 2007 and 2011, its numbers were 29, 30, 21, 36 and 38, respectively.

Misano falls by seasonAfter four years at the bottom of the scale, its number nearly doubled in 2012 (from 38 to 70) and then rose to 109 in 2014. After being at the low end of the falls scale for five years, Misano has been at the high end for the past three.

The other Italian circuit, Mugello, is consistently one at the lowest end of the falls scale.

Misano and Mugello falls by seasonMisano data are shown for comparison. While both tracks saw a jump in 2012, Mugello has returned to the low end while Misano has risen to take the lead in number of falls.

As we’re looking at two tracks in particular today, I’ll include the facts that at Mugello in 2014, Turn 3 (Poggio Seco) saw the most number of falls at this circuit, with 6 at that corner. Misano had 10 falls each at Turn 4 (Rio) and Turn 8 (Quercia).

Which circuit had the single corner with the most falls in 2014? Stay tuned!

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