Black and White Challenge

Posted on 12 Mar, 2015 by Scott Jones
Marc Marquez pit lane Phillip Island 2014

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Recently a friend, Suzie Houseworth, nominated me on Facebook as part of her participation in something called The Black and White Challenge. As I don’t spend much time on Facebook these days, I had only a vague notion of what this was about. But going by her mention, you’re supposed to show a monochrome image every day for five days, then invite someone else to do the same.

I’m really pleased that she thought of me, thank you, Suzie!

The challenge seems intended to get people who otherwise shoot exclusively, or nearly so, in color, to explore the charms of monochrome images. For this I heartily support the idea! I am already converted to loving the B&W conversion. But to be a good sport, I thought I’d go back over the 2014 season and select five of my favorite B&W images to show here.

I love black and white images for how they allow the photographer to direct his or her viewer’s attention to a specific part of the image. There is often so much color for the viewer to process, especially in a vibrant world such as MotoGP, that the photographer’s intended subject, the reason for the photograph, can get lost. By removing the color information and reducing it to differences of brightness, the story in an image can be freed to express itself.

So, along with the featured shot above, here are four more from the 2014 MotoGP season that to my sensibilities are much more effective as black and white images than they are in color.

Jorge Lorenzo pit lane Silverstone 2014


Randy de Puniet pit lane Valencia 2014


Alex Marquez grid valencia 2014


Jack Miller parc ferme Valencia 2014


Now, whom should I nominate on Facebook…

Photographs: ©2014 by Scott Jones / PHOTO.GP – All Rights Reserved

Camera Info: Nikon D4 with Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8



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  • RyoNo 46 2015-03-12

    The Jack Miller picture is my favourite, conveys alot of emotion

  • Scott Jones 2015-03-12

    Thanks, RyNo46 – that one has received some similar comments since Valencia. For those who don’t recognize the moment, Miller has just finished second to Alex Marquez for the 2014 Moto3 Championship. Miller was not the happiest he’d ever been, especially since out of frame to the right, the Marquez clan and Honda team were going crazy with their celebration.

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