Saturday at Silverstone MotoGP

Posted on 4 Sep, 2015 by Scott Jones
Silverstone MotoGP pit lane 2015

Though it would rain on Sunday for the Silverstone MotoGP round, Saturday was still a mix of sun and clouds, at times bright and other times quite dark. In the August mornings much of the track is backlit with the rising sun still low on the horizon. The above image is one of those shots that is, to me, uniquely Silverstone. The sun is bright directly behind the pit lane exit, so looking in the direction puts a back light on your subject. I really like this image of a lone mechanic warming up a MotoGP bike nearly in silhouette.

By the way, we’re trying a new feature of the PhotoGP website: In this post can click on any image to pull up the larger version to view in more detail. We hope you like it.


Maverick-Vinales-Suzuki-Silverstone-2015-1Maverick Vinales on the gas, front wheel crossed up, at Stowe.


heat-waves-from-Honda-RC213V-exhaustAs Dani Pedrosa’s Honda RC213V warms up in pit lane, the pipe itself gets hotter and heat waves shimmer above the heated metal.


Danny-Aldridge-Jordi-Perez-Silverstone-2015If you’re trying to cheat in MotoGP, these two are the Big Bad Wolves. Technical Director Danny Aldrich (left) and his assistant Jordi Perez keep a close eye on all things related to the technical regulations.


Jorge-Lorenzo-pit-lane-Silverstone-2015Jorge Lorenzo’s mechanic isn’t telling him to talk to the hand, he’s watching for traffic behind his rider so Lorenzo can leave safely.


Loris-Baz-Silverstone-2015After exchanging several emails with Loris Baz related to his request for a photo, I finally met him face to face at the Day of Champions. A very pleasant fellow. And tall, not just for a motorcycle racer. I used to tell myself that I’m too tall to be a MotoGP rider, but Monsieur Baz puts the kibosh on that theory. On track those long elbows reach the tarmac with little effort.


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