Sepang Track Map with Speed and Gear Telemetry

Posted on 21 Oct, 2015 by Scott Jones

Team Movistar Yamaha’s Sepang Track Map with Speed and Gear Telemetry shows only one first gear corner in spite of a couple of other turns that look tight enough to make use of the lowest gear. On the map’s only green section (Turn 9) the speed is listed as 63.0 km/h. But at Turn 2 the speed is 66.5 km/h, making this curve at least a consideration for first gear, but perhaps the Yamahas stay in second because of the pending quick shift past third as they enter Turn 3. Turn 4 also looks pretty tight but the speed is given at 90.8 km/h and the apex through this section allows a line not nearly as sharp as suggested by the track map.

After Turn 4 the bikes begin a long sequence without shifting from third gear. After leaving Turn 8 the Yamahas shift up to 4th for a split second before downshifting to the only first gear corner. I wish the map listed the speed just before the shift to fourth gear, which would tell us just how fast the bikes are set up to go in third gear here at Sepang.

No speed is given for the end of the main straight, but Ducati lists the circuit Top Speed as 329.6 km/h (204.8 mph) by Andrea Dovizioso in 2014.

Thanks again to Yamaha for providing this series of maps with telemetry.

Image: ©2015 by Yamaha Motor Racing Srl



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