CotA MotoGP 2016 Friday

Posted on 9 Apr, 2016 by Scott Jones

A week after Argentina, MotoGP is back to work here in Austin, Texas. Above, Maverick Vinales speeds through CotA’s distinct red white and blue color scheme.


Marc-Marquez-pit-box-CotA-MotoGP-2016-FridayMarc Marquez


Valentino-Rossi-pit-box-CotA-MotoGP-2016-FridayValentino Rossi


Maverick-Vinales-pit-box-CotA-MotoGP-2016-FridayMaverick Vinales


Honda-RC213V-winglet-CotA-MotoGP-2016-FridayHonda has added their own aerodynamic operators to the Repsol bikes, though their version is tiny compared to the Yamaha and Ducati winglets.


Ducati-GP16-winglets-CotA-MotoGP-2016-FridayDucati’s winglets, or properly referred to as strakes since they are longer than they are wide (thanks to Matt Oxley for clarifying that), seem to be growing is size and ambition. They are now painted rather than bare carbon fiber.


Yamaha-winglet-CotA-MotoGP-2016-FridayYamaha’s winglets have their own unique shapes, and on Friday Lorenzo used this larger version while Rossi used the smaller version or none at all.


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