MotoGP Assen 2016

Posted on 25 Jun, 2016 by Scott Jones


Valentino-Rossi-box-2016-AssenValentino Rossi claimed second.


Marc-marquez-Honda-Assen-2016-pit-laneMarquez crashed in qualifying and had to wait while his other bike was frantically changed to a wet set up.


Cal-Crutchlow-Assen-2016-chicaneCal Crutchlow’s fortune is improving and he grabbed fifth place.


Andrea-Iannone-pit-lane-Assen-2016Iannone’s leaving-pit-lane ritual is religious in nature, compared to other riders’ more secular versions.










Fabio-Quartararo-Assen-2016-chicaneFabio Quartararo gets through the GT Chicane in Moto3 style.


photographer-and-girls-Assen-2016One of these things is not like the others. This mural adorns one wall of the Press Conference room.

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