WSBK Laguna Seca 2016

Posted on 16 Jul, 2016 by Scott Jones


WSBK-Laguna-Seca-2016-Nicky-Hayden-blurNicky Hayden rides through the distractions.


WSBK-Laguna-Seca-2016-Jonathan-Rea-pit-laneJonathan Rea enters pit lane.


WSBK-Laguna-Seca-2016-Tom-Sykes-boxTom Sykes leaves the box.


WSBK-Laguna-Seca-2016-Chaz-Davies-box-2Chaz Davies watches TV.


WSBK-Laguna-Seca-2016-Nikcy-Hayden-trackNicky Hayden wore is usual helmet on Friday…


WSBK-Laguna-Seca-2016-Nicky-Hayden-creature-helmet…and brought out The Creature for Qualifying and the races.


WSBK-Laguna-Seca-2016-Jonathan-Rea-trackJonathan Rea lost ground to Tom Sykes for the title.


WSBK-Laguna-Seca-2016-Josh-Brookes-crashJosh Brookes lost traction.


WSBK-Laguna-Seca-2016-Nicky-Hayden-flagSaturday’s race had a happy ending for U.S. fans as Nicky Hayden waved the Stars and Stripes again at Laguna Seca.

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