MotoGP Motegi 2016 – A First Look

Posted on 15 Oct, 2016 by Scott Jones
motogp motegi 2016


motogp-motegi-2016-marc-marquez-fridayLately Marc Marquez wears a helmet with a white graphics scheme on Fridays.


motogp-motegi-2016-marc-marquez-2This year’s special Japanese GP helmet design is fantastic, and more culturally sensitive than 2013’s.


motogp-motegi-2016-andrea-dovizioso-ducati-wingletsDucati continues to complicate their winglet designs, in spite of the things being banned in 2017.


motogp-motegi-2016-valentino-rossi-pit-lanePart of Valentino Rossi’s pre-ride ritual. I wonder what he is saying to himself when in this posture?


motogp-motegi-2016-yamaha-teammates-rossi-lorenzoYamaha teammates for another few races, Jorge and Valentino.


motogp-motegi-2016-marc-marquez-trackHey PhotoGP, nice logo!


motogp-motegi-2016-jorge-lorenzo-pit-laneLucky for Lorenzo, no concussion during his flight, in spite of banging his head twice during the rough landing.


motogp-motegi-2016-photographerAnd amid the usual media center grousing about the slow and unreliable wifi, the weird food (even though it’s free for crying out loud!), the traffic, etc. etc., there’s this guy, using a 600mm lens with one arm. His left is in a cover and appears not to function, but he doesn’t let that stop him, doing everything with one hand. The rest of us should just shut up now. But we probably won’t.


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