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For the past few years I’ve been collecting odds and ends at various races I attend: hats, visors, shirts, and so on. I have more stuff than I can use myself, so I thought I’d toss everything together to make a grab bag of items we’ll be giving away via the lottery on my Patreon page. If you’ve been directed here to choose something for yourself, please identify it by ITEM NUMBER and include a short description to make sure you receive the correct item!

All items are New unless noted otherwise.

Item List

Item 1: 15×10″ Mounted Photo Print

Just won the PhotoGP Lottery and wondering what prize to claim? Here’s your chance to get a free 15×10 inch mounted print from among the thousands of images available in the PhotoGP archive. Use this link to choose your favorite shot. One condition: must be an image that has not been offered as a Limited Edition, but just choose your shot and I’ll let you know if there’s a problem. Quality: New

Item 2: 18×12″ Mounted Photo Print

If you have room on your wall for a larger print, you may also have one that’s 18×12 inches. Same condition applies – must be an image that has not been offered as a Limited Edition. Quality: New

Item 3: Decal/Sticker Selection

If you’re a fan of stickers and decals, check these out. The problem with a pack of decals is that not all of those included will appeal to the winner, who will be left with some he doesn’t want and will just throw away or put in a drawer or something. But those abandoned decals may appeal to someone else. So Item 3 lets you pick up to 10 items from the selection shown here. Those left over will be offered to the next decal lover. FYI the Repsol Honda 26/27 sheet counts as one pick. Quality: most are new/retail

Item 4: Genuine Ducati t-shirt


Brand new in the Ducati plastic, Size L. This is a European L btw, so closer to a Medium in US sizing. Quality: Retail

Item 5: 2006 MotoGP Laguna Seca Yamaha Visor

Yamaha Visor 1

Yamaha Visor 2

Great collector’s item! Visor is blue and white. Yamaha logo is labeled on the front. The visor is one size fits all, with a Velcro strap at the back of the crown. Quality: very good, handed out by Yamaha at the 2006 USGP.

Item 6: Nikon Professional Services Fisherman’s Hat

NPS Italia hat

Genuine NPS (Nikon Professional Services) Italy cap, khaki with the Nikon logo on the front. 100% Cotton, size is L/XL. Quality: Retail.

Item 7: Dainese Speed Champ Shirt

Dainese t-shirt

Genuine Dainese Shirt is red, black and white, still in original Dainese packaging. Shirt size is an XL. Quality: Retail

Item 8: PHOTO.GP Shirt

PhotoGP t-shirt

This PHOTO.GP Hanes Beefy-T shirt is gray with an outlined photo of Casey Stoner in black. Shirt size is an XL. Quality: Retail

Item 10: Repsol T-shirt

Repsol t-shirt front

Repsol t-shirt back

This shirt is white with the Repsol logo on the front and Danny Pedrosa on the back. Shirt size is XXL. Quality: Giveaway. Logo on front is good quality silkscreen, but image on back appears to be iron-on.

Item 12: Dainese T-shirt


Genuine Dainese t-shirt, 100% cotton, made in Italy, XL. This is a European XL, so more like a US Large. Quality: Retail.

Item 13: Motegi 2016 Program


A genuine Japanese GP Motegi 2016 program. One of the thicker programs of the season. Spoiler alert: The cover is in English, but the inside is in JAPANESE! Quality: Retail.

Item 14: 2007 Laguna Seca Gimme Helmet Bag


If you were at Laguna Seca in 2007 you probably have one of these, but maybe you lost yours, or wore it out, or gave it to someone whom you now despise. Here’s your chance to replace that lost memento from the 2007 MotoGP weekend in Monterey. Quality: Giveaway

Item 15: Repsol Shirt

Repsol Shirt

This is a white collared Repsol Shirt, logo on the front and back. The shirt is labeled XL (Extra Large) but fits a size smaller (Large). Quality: pretty good.

Item 16: Dani Pedrosa 26 USB Stick


I think these are 4GB USB sticks ( I have two of them in the Swag Bag) – the 6 comes off and the 2 becomes the handle for the USB stick. Quality: Official Honda Swag

Item 17: Sepang 2016 Program


A genuine Malaysian GP Sepang 2016 program. This program’s content is in English. Quality: Retail.

Item 18: HRC 4-Color Pen


HRC 4-color ball point pen. For more information, please see back of package:

Colors are red, green, blue and black. Quality: Official Honda Swag

Item 19: Silverstone 2016 Program


A genuine British GP Silverstone 2016 program. This program is still in the shrink-wrap and sold for £10! Wow, it must be fantastic!!! Quality: Retail.

Item 21: Andrea Iannone helmet tear off


A genuine Andrea Iannone helmet tear off, collected in pit lane at the Red Bull Ring, Austria. Even has some pit lane gunk that would not wash off. Quality: Used.

Item 22: 2012 Edition MotoGP Results book


My trust Results copy from 2012, oft referred to. Quality: Used.

Item 23: Guy Martin Autobiography book


Guy Martin’s autobiography, original UK edition. Quality: New.

Item 24: Vello Wireless Shutter


Vello Wireless Shutterboss remote switch with digital timer, model RCW-N1. This version comes with the Nikon 10-pin connector. Quality: New.

Item 25: Bridgestone Bar Towel


This bar towel was a gift at the Bridgestone farewell party at Valencia at the end of the 2015 season. Still sealed in the plastic, so I don’t know exactly what size it is. It’s 8″ top to bottom and probably 33″ wide. Quality: Retail

Item 26: Motegi 2016 Poster SMALL


This is a small size Motegi 2016 event poster featuring artwork my Ranka Fujuwara. The size is 8.25 inches wide by 11.75 inches tall. On the back there’s black and white printed event info. Quality: Large Run Lithograph

Item 27: Valencia 2016 Poster


This is Valencia 2016 event poster. The size is 16.5 inches wide by 23 inches tall. Quality: Large Run Lithograph

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