Bridgestone MotoGP Tires At Work

Posted on 30 Oct, 2014 by Scott Jones
Bridgestone Battlax MotoGP rear tire

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250+ horsepower. 320mm carbon brakes. Electronic control units. The best human talent in the world. It all comes down to this edge of black rubber. Since 2009 that has meant Bridgestone MotoGP tires.

Perhaps no company has changed Grand Prix motorcycle racing since 2009 more than Bridgestone. Its tire development has altered lean angles, corner speeds, braking potential and more, both allowing and requiring teams to push development of most other aspects of motorcycle racing to new limits.

The image above shows a Bridgestone MotoGP tire after an on track session. The pattern of small waves in the top left of the shot was created when the bike was leaned over slightly and accelerating hard. The force was acceleration, so the warmed rubber was pushed toward the back of the tire.

At the very edge of the tire, centrifugal forces of maximum lean angles has pushed the hot rubber into a line of rubber lumps.

This image clearly shows how much of the tire is gripping the track surface when the bike is leaned over at up to 64 degrees. The space between the waved section and the tire edge is only about as wide as a credit card. Amazing.

2015 will be Bridgestone’s final year as sole tire supplier to MotoGP. Theirs will be a tough act to follow. For more info, check out the Bridgestone Motorsport website.

Photograph: ©2014 by Scott Jones / PHOTO.GP – All Rights Reserved

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Camera Info: Nikon D4 with Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8



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