Photo Editor: Chaz Davies’s Fantastic Helmet Design

Posted on 14 Jul, 2014 by Scott Jones
Chaz Davies helmet design Laguna Seca

At Laguna Seca, World Superbike’s ninth round in 2014, Welshman Chaz Davies brought a remarkable X-lite crash hat that, to me, stood out even among the other remarkable designs to be found in WSBK.

I think it’s the work of Star Line, but unfortunately I don’t have a good shot of a designer’s logo. Maybe Star Line will let us know if this is their masterpiece.

Here is the RAW file:

Some thoughts:

This was one of those tricky situations where I’m shooting into garages and out in the light, so I set to Aperture Priority and as the camera’s computer to adjust Shutter Speed while maintaining the aperture I want. The ISO 800 is intended as a compromise setting to accommodate the dark garages and the shaded pit lane.

Sometimes when shooting back and forth between two situations like this, you get oddly exposed results like this one. If I had set the camera to Spot Meter on the helmet, it would likely have been a brighter background with a better-exposed helmet.

The only time I get 1/8000 shutter speed is in a situation like this, when the aperture is the priority and the light/ISO combo requires a fast shutter.

Here is the Lightroom Develop panel:

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