Photo Reconstruction, Davies In The Box

Posted on 5 Jun, 2017 by Scott Jones

PhotoGP Episode 7 – Photo Reconstruction, Davies In The Box is now available on YouTube. But it’s a bit different from the previous videos I’ve posted there.

See, what happened was, I did this video and said everything I wanted to say about editing this photograph, and I rendered the video in 1080p and posted it via a private link to my beloved Patreon supporters, folks who chip in a few bucks, some of them more, each month to help keep me doing what I do. But something happened between that upload of the extended version of the video and my finding time to go back into video editing mode and create the shorter version for YouTube. I don’t remember what, exactly, happened, but the result was that I didn’t create that YouTube version. So this video never got upload to YouTube.

I realized this yesterday when someone emailed to say that he was enjoying going through the YouTube videos, but where was Episode 7? I discovered that there was no YouTube version of Episode 7. So I sat down to make one. But as I was working away, removing the section where I show all the photos in the sequence from which the lucky winner was selected, I recalled how recently someone else had asked what was different about the Patreon versions of my videos.

I immediately saw a way I could avoid another hour or two of work at my computer. If I simply rendered a 720p version of the Patreon edit, I could have a YouTube Episode 7 ready in minutes rather than hours, AND I could show people what the Patreon supporters get in place of the shorter YouTube edits of my videos. Winner.

So available here is the (otherwise) Patreon-exclusive edit of a Photo Reconstruction video. Yes, it’s in 720p, but it does include the extra section that I’d have removed for YouTube had I not had a perfectly good reason (beyond general laziness) to leave it in.

I hope you like it, and I hope you’ll consider joining me on Patreon and enjoying all the previous PhotoGP videos in their 1080p and extended formats, plus On The Road Diaries, Swag Bag Lottery picks, customs desktops, and whatever rewards you can claim based on your level of support.




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