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Posted on 28 Jul, 2014 by Scott Jones
Stefan Bradl with towel at Catalunya 2014

It was hot at Catalunya for the 2014 MotoGP weekend. No surprise there. In pit lane fans were on High, blowing air on the riders in their leathers, and towels were soaked with sweat after each rider came in to the box.

Stefan Bradl did us the favor of using a nicely color-coordinated towel to dry his face during qualifying on Saturday, and I got one of my favorite shots from the weekend. (Click on the image above to see it larger.)

A few days later I received a screen cap of the Qualifying coverage from a friend:


See that red ball cap? That’s Yours Truly sporting the 2013 Circuit of the Americas hat that was given to media members for MotoGP’s first visit to CotA. Sometimes I wear it so my kids can more easily spot me on TV if I happen to make an appearance. My friend recognized the bird legs and superhero-like posture of his favorite MotoGP photog.

When I saw this screen shot, I recognized the situation and remembered the images that resulted from this perspective. The shot of Bradl wiping his eyes happened just before or after the screen shot from the video. I thought you might find it interesting to see a film strip of the other images that were made right around this moment:


The 2-star thumbnail with no color label represents the image above, while the 2-star with Blue Label is the shot that appeared on‘s Latest Photos section for that day. The Red Label shot went to MotoMatters.



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