Get Lucky

Posted on 30 Jul, 2014 by Scott Jones
MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo Silverstone garage Yamaha

Sometimes chasing one image can lead to another that is better than what you had in mind.

I was shooting in pit lane at the British GP in 2013, trying to use slow shutter speeds to isolate the subject, in this case Jorge Lorenzo, from the background colors and motion of his garage. AT the moment of this exposure, I was at 1/20th of a second on a Nikon D3X.

I didn’t plan to have his team lined up so nicely in the background. I had in my mind something similar to this image, but what I got for trying was something that really tells a story. This image shows nicely how the rider, though supported by a large team, has to leave the garage and go get the job done.

Sure, we all know that this must happen for each rider, usually multiple times in a given session. But how often does a picture tell that story as this one does.

So try to get lucky more often. It’s better than being good!



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