The MotoMatters Calendar is 7 Years Old

Posted on 24 Dec, 2014 by Scott Jones
Motomatters Calendars

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The 2015 MotoMatters Calendar is now shipping to loyal fans around the world, and we get the occasional order of the current edition of the calendar plus one or more of the previous years’ editions. A few days ago one customer ordered one of each, from 2010 through the new edition.

Putting those six calendars together, I leafed through them to see how they had changed from year to year. I even managed to find a rare copy of the 2009 calendar, the first one we produced, and the only edition to bear the old ‘motogpmatters’ logo. Someday a copy of this item could go for tens of dollars on eBay!

Its cover is shown on the main image above, as it lies over the 2011 edition, which is in turn placed on top of the 2013 edition, just to show how the size and format of the calendar have grown over the years.

The 2009 layout looked like this:
2009 motomatters calendar

Riders featured: Colin Edwards, Valentino Rossi, Tony Elias, Loris Capirossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Nicky Hayden, Marco Melandri, James Toseland, Dani Pedrosa, Casey Stoner, John Hopkins, and Andrea Dovizioso.

That first year, David Emmett commented in general terms on what would be happening in MotoGP during the featured month. Notice that in that first edition, we didn’t identify the rider or the location of the photograph shown. As all but three images were from Laguna Seca (the others being from Donington Park, which I photographed from the spectator side of the fence), I don’t think it occurred to me to put identify the track shown.

The format of the image was not 2×3, which meant I had to crop my images from my preferred ratio.

The main things that remain to this day are the Monday-Sunday format and the Race Weekend colors scheme, red for MotoGP and blue for WSBK.

Over the years we have received a fair bit of push back on the Monday-first layout from our U.S. customers, Americans being accustomed to a Sunday-Saturday format. Most have learned to live with this difference, but unfortunately we have had a few who simply couldn’t get used to it. We stick with it partially because with a world-wide audience, we have more customers who are used to seeing Monday first than Sunday first. But mainly we keep it because it makes presenting the race weekend dates much easier; the colored bars needn’t wrap from one line down to the next.

Incidentally, this 2009 calendar was produced in Quark XPress (which I no longer use, nor even have a working copy of), so I couldn’t generate a PDF of this spread from the original file. I had to photograph this copy of the calendar! All subsequent editions have been produced in Adobe InDesign.

This first year, the challenge, quite frankly, was coming up with thirteen images of twelve different riders (Valentino Rossi being shown twice) that I felt were good enough to include in an offset-printed calendar. We had tried some other types of printing, but when we agreed to do a proper printing job on a traditional 4-color offset press, that raised the requirements of the image quality. Looking back at the 2009 calendar, some images I’m very happy with, others I wish could have been a bit better. The cover shot, however, remains one of my favorites among my thousands of MotoGP images.

If you’re already wondering, the 2015 MotoMatters calendar can be purchased here.

Up next on the following page, the 2010 calendar:

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