Gresini KTM Moto3

Posted on 6 Mar, 2015 by Scott Jones
Gresini KTM Moto3

Only the ignition/fuel injection control units (“ECU”)* supplied by the series Organiser are allowed. This ECU will have a maximum of one ignition driver and include an engine RPM limiter, and the ECU must remain unmodified in hardware and software, as delivered by the Organiser. The use of any additional device or module to modify the signals sent from the ECU to the actuators is forbidden. Injectors, bypass systems and ignition must be operated exclusively by the original and unmodified ECU signal.

(The Moto3 ECU is supplied by Italian company Dell’Orto.)

Only one throttle control valve per throttle body is permitted to control the power demand by the rider, which must be controlled exclusively by mechanical means (e.g. cable) operated by the rider only. No other powered moving devices (except injectors and the idle control air bypass) are permitted in the inlet tract before the engine intake valve. No interruption of the mechanical connection between the rider’s input and the throttle is allowed.

The outlet of the exhaust must not extend behind a line drawn vertically through the edge of the rear tyre.

For safety reasons the exposed edge of the exhaust pipe outlet must be rounded to avoid any sharp edges.

Variable valve timing and variable valve lift systems, driven by hydraulic and/or electric/electronic systems are not permitted.

Transmission: A maximum of six gear ratios is permitted.

A maximum of 2 possible gear ratios for each gearbox speed, and 2 possible ratios for the primary drive gear is [sic] permitted. Teams will be required to declare the two gearbox ratios chosen for each gear at the beginning of the season, and only these ratios may be used during the entire season.

Gearbox systems must be of the conventional type. That is; constant- mesh with engagement dogs as an integral part of the gear, actuated by shift forks and shift cam or drum, with only one set of gears engaging at one time. So-called “seamless shift” transmissions (also known as Automated Manual Transmission, Instantaneous Gearchange System, etc.) are not permitted.

The use of titanium in the construction of the frame, the front forks, the handle-bars, the swinging arm spindles, and the wheel spindles is forbidden. For wheel spindles, the use of light alloys is also forbidden.

The price of a complete rolling chassis (requiring only engine, ECU/ Datalogger, transponder) will be capped at 85,000 Euros (excluding VAT, excluding freight).

The minimum weight for Moto3 motorcycle plus rider is 149kg (328.5 lbs)

For 2016 the minimum weight will increase to 152kg (335 lbs)

For the Moto3 class the weight checked will be the total of the rider with full protective clothing plus the weight of the motorcycle.

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