Scenes from MotoGP 2015 Brno – Saturday in Pit Lane

Posted on 19 Aug, 2015 by Scott Jones
LCR Hondas pit lane Brno 2015

MotoGP 2015 Brno: There was quite a bit of interest in pit lane at the Czech Grand Prix last weekend. Below, a few items that caught my eye.

After our post on the different designs used on the rear exhaust pipes of Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa, I started comparing more of the various Hondas in pit lane. The four RS213V-RS bikes (Hayden, Laverty, Miller, Abraham) appear all to use the same rear section of dull-finish pipe shown from above in this earlier post. The four RS213V bikes (Marquez, Pedrosa, Crutchlow, Redding) all use some version of the shiny pipe, though I was not able to confirm my feeling that none of them is identical. Crutchlow’s appears closer to Pedrosa’s than to Marquez’ but it doesn’t appear to be identical. I never found Redding’s bike with the tail section exposed during the times I was wondering in pit lane.

During the test on Monday, however, I did approach one of the HRC guys, someone who would certainly know about this, and asked about the different designs used by their two top riders. I’ve added what I learned to the original post.

The feature image above, which you can click on to view larger, shows the RC213V (shiny pipe) of Cructhlow in the foreground with the two RC213V-RS (dull pipe) bikes of Miller in the background.


Elsewhere in pit lane, Ducati had been hard at work updating some of the bits and bobs adorning the GP15.

Ducati GP15 pit lane Brno 2015

Notice the vented carbon fiber exhaust cover beneath the 04 logo. Earlier in the season, at Losail, this piece looked like this:
Ducati GP15 Losail 2015

Notice also that the side venting has changed from two large ducts to four smaller ones, an update that happened several races ago.

There is also now a cover on the final section:

Ducati GP15 exhaust tail piece Brno 2015The silencer is now enclosed and a vent has been added beneath the Riello logo.


Suzuki akrapovic exhaust Brno 2015Suzuki has added Akrapovic as a sponsor/partner, and the GSX-RR’s pipe now bears the logo of the Slovenian exhaust company. The new shape of the Suzuki pipe seems more a continued evolution than a significant change due to Akrapovic’s new involvement, however. Perhaps when the two companies have had more time to develop the GSX-RR’s exhaust there will be a more significant difference in this section of the bike.


Forward Racing Brno 6 71 Bradl CortiAfter skipping Indy due to the legal troubles of boss Giovanni Cuzari, Forward Racing was back in pit lane at Brno, though with a simplified livery and some identity issues. Stefan Bradl (6) had been replaced by Simone Corti (71), who was using some of Bradl’s leftover kit.

By Sunday that problem had been ‘solved’ with the application of some black Sharpie:
Forward racing seat Brno 2015Job done!

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