Suzuki GSX-RR Exhaust Updates

Posted on 10 Jun, 2015 by Scott Jones
Suzuki exhaust pipe end 2015

To follow up on our looks at the exhaust systems of the Yamaha YZR M1, the Honda RC213V, and the Ducati GP15, here is a look at the Suzuki GSX-RR Exhaust.

After looking at two V-4 engine exhausts in this series (Honda and Ducati), we are back to an inline-4 similar to the Yamaha YZR M1. Suzuki may lead the paddock, however, in keeping its technology covered up in public. A Google search for this bike shows zero fairing-off shots, and I admit it has become something of a personal challenge for me to get a shot of the interior of this machine. But since Suzuki’s return to the paddock, zilch.

So we will make some assumptions about what we cannot see and look more closely at what we can. Under the fairing is probably a 4 into 2 into 1 design, given that there are four cylinders on one end and a single pipe at the other.

Suzuki GSX RR Exhaust Losail 2015The exhaust system also probably routes two pipes around the oil sump, given that the 2 into 1 joint is visible just in front of the swing arm. Changes in the fairing vents allow a few peeks inside, however.

Suzuki GSX-RR Exhaust Mugello 2015For example, at Mugello the lower vent looked like this, with one of the four exhaust pipes peeking through.

Suzuki GSX-RR Exhaust Losail 2015 ventBut at Round 1 at Losail, this front vent was larger and exposed a second pipe twisting around beneath the fairing. Not as good as a proper fairing off shot, I know, but tantalizing in a really geeky tech-lover kind of way.

Though we cannot track changes under the fairing, we can see dramatic changes on the outside, particularly on the single pipe section.

Suzuki GSX-RR Exhaust Mugello 2015 carbonThough not part of the exhaust itself, the carbon fiber cover was much different in Mugello from the Losail version, shown three images above. For Round 6 this piece covered up the top portion of the 2 into 1 section. Comparing it to the earlier version, it’s larger and simpler in design, and looks much stronger given that it lacks the cut out sections of the Losail version.

The dramatic changes are seen in the single pipe section. On the next page, the bike as it appeared at the 2014 Catalunya test. Talk about development changes!

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