Aprilia RS-GP Exhaust Design

Posted on 11 Jun, 2015 by Scott Jones
Aprilia RS-GP exhaust

Aprilia RS-GP left side full We can see that the exhaust from the two front pipes, after joining into a single pipe, would take a more or less direct route to the silencer EXCEPT for the bridge just below the shifter linkage that joins their path to that of the rear two pipes. (Click on the main image at the top of this post for a similar, larger view.)

Aprilia RS-GP left side tightHow badly does Aprilia want a single pipe at the end of this system? It appears they want that pretty badly, because this freeway maze of exhaust gases is much more complicated than anything any other factory is doing in this department.

Aprilia RS-GP bottom tightIt takes someone with more understanding of exhaust science than I to say what the purpose of this bridge pipe is. It seems to me that its main effect would be to send the pressures from each bank of cylinders right into each other, so perhaps it’s intended to work with the back pressure gate to help a single gate control two separate pairs of cylinders. That’s just a guess, however. I have not have even a guess about why Aprilia uses this complicated 2 into 1 plus 2 into 1 into a jumble into two more into 1 system instead of two pairs of 2 into 1 pipes like Ducati and Honda use. As Aprilia is looking for more power, isn’t simplifying this part of the bike a reasonable place to begin? Aprilia knows more about what’s going on with their engine than I do (let’s hope so, anyway!) and I’ll be interested to see if, over the rest of the season, their exhaust system remains the same or switches to a simpler design.

Photographs: ©2014-15 by Scott Jones / PHOTO.GP – All Rights Reserved

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