MotoGP Engines 2015 – 8 Races Down, 10 To Go

Posted on 30 Jun, 2015 by Scott Jones
Aprilia RS-GP 2015 engine and gear box

For details on the engine allotments for the three types of premier class entires, see this page.

For an explanation of how IRTA makes sure teams follow the engine regulations, read this interview with Jordi Perez.

After the first eight rounds of the 18-round 2015 MotoGP season, engine use is as follows.

Factory Teams (5 engines)

Repsol Honda – Marquez’ engine #2 is still sitting somewhere, sealed and broken after its failure at CotA. As Jordi Perez said in his recent PhotoGP interview, Honda doesn’t have to tell him or anyone if the engine is still working or not. This engine may very well sit on the sidelines until Valencia with Mr. Perez removes the seals at the end of the season.

With #2 out of service since QP2 in Austin, Marquez has raced #1 three times, #2 just the once at Losail, and #3 four times, including recently at Assen. #1 has been used in 36 sessions, #3 in 35 sessions, though of course we do not see the actual mileage in the IRTA engine report. We only see that a given engine crossed the pit lane entrance at least once during a session.

I thought I’d compare this with Pedrosa’s usage and in doing so noticed that though he still has three engines available, he has never actually raced his #2 engine. Pedrosa raced #1 in each of the first five rounds, with #2 sharing FP, QP and W-UP duties. Pedrosa’s team opened #3 for the W-UP at Mugello, then raced that brand new #3 engine there.

#1 has not been used since FP4 at Mugello. #2 has continued to share FP, QP and W-UP duties, but #3 has raced in the previous three rounds (Mugello, Catalunya, Assen). Though I heard a rumor that Pedrosa had lost use of one engine, there is no way to confirm this. It may be simply that his #1 did its duty of five races in a row and is now waiting on the shelf in case it is needed later in the season.

Both factory Honda riders have two unopened engines.

On a side note, did you know that these engines have openings via which the mechanics can insert scopes to inspect the interior, a sort of engine-oscopy? This allows them to see what’s going on in the engine without breaking the seals, which they’d have to do if they want to take the engine apart. The process does not cause the engine pain and no anesthetic is required.

LCR Honda – Crutchlow got through Round 6 at Mugello with only two engines, racing #2 every time. His team opened #3 at Catalunya and he raced it there and at Assen.

His #1 has never raced, though it has been used at every round and must have plenty of mileage. At Assen he used each of his three opened engines. He appears to have three still available, with six races on #1, two races on #3 and no races on #2. He has two unopened engines.

Marc VDS Honda – Scott Redding is the only non-Open Class Honda rider to have three unopened engines. He has five races on #1 and three races on #2.

Of the Honda factory riders, Redding is in the best shape and Marquez in the most trouble as far as engine use and availability.

Movistar Yamaha – I observed last time (Mugello) that the engine use for Rossi and Lorenzo is nearly identical. This trend continues through Assen, with variations of engines used in practice sessions, but with identical engines raced in each round.

For both riders, #1 was raced in Rounds 1, 4 and 5, #2 was raced in Rounds 2 and 3, #3 (which was opened for FP3 at Mugello for both riders) has raced Rounds 6, 7 and 8.

At Assen, both factory Yamaha riders used each of their three engines in at least one session. So as of Round 8, each has three engines still in service, with no more than three races in any single engine. Each still has two unopened engines.

Tech 3 Yamaha – Bradley Smith’s engine useage has mirrored that of his factory Yamaha counterparts very closely, the only major difference being that it’s his #2 that has three races on it and his #1 has only two races. He also opened #3 for FP3 at Mugello. Can this be a coincidence? More likely it is a plan working out very nicely for these three Yamaha-powered riders.

But unlike Rossi and Lorenzo, Smith has not used his #1 since FP2 at Mugello. Also noteworthy is that Smith’s #2 has seen only sporadic use since Jerez. #2 hasn’t raced since Argentina, after racing the previous two rounds, but it ran only one session at Le Mans, one session at Mugello, shared four sessions at Catalunya, then was used only for the W-Up at Assen. Smith still appears in good shape, with three engines active and, like Rossi and Lorenzo, nor more than three races on any single engine.

For Pol Espargaro, things are a bit different, but not dire. Four rounds into the season his team opened #3 for FP3, two races ahead of Rossi, Lorenzo and Smith. His #1 has raced only once, at Losail, while #2 has raced four times and #3 has raced three times. Still, at Assen he used all three engines at least once, so he also appears to have three in service, though he stands alone in that he has one engine with four races.

Both Tech3 riders have two unopened engines.

On the next page, Factory Option Teams (Suzuki, Ducati, Aprilia) engine use:

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