Brno Track Map with Speed and Gear Telemetry

Posted on 12 Aug, 2015 by Scott Jones
Brno track map telemetry yamaha

Yamaha’s Brno track map with speed and gear telemetry overlay indicates no 1st gear sections once the bikes have left the grid. Neither do the Yamaha riders get much use out of 6th gear, getting there twice but for only brief moments each time. Five times they reach 5th gear, but again, for only a moment each time. It’s second gear that gets the workout at Brno.

Usually I can compare these telemetry track maps with my own perceptions from trackside, but in this case I cannot as this season I’ll be going to Brno for the first time. Having watched MotoGP at this circuit for years, however, I find the data represented on this latest telemetry map easier to accept than some of the other instances we’ve seen in this series. I look forward to seeing how well the Yamaha KpH of 295.2 on the straight jibes with the Ducati and Honda press releases when they arrive in my inbox.

Update: The Ducati press release lists Brno’s top speed for MotoGP as 314.8 km/h (195.6 MpH, Pedrosa-Honda – 2013). So does 183.4 MpH for the Yamahas compared to 195 MpH seem a bit under-reported?

Thanks again to Yamaha for providing these telemetry maps!

Image: ©2015 by Yamaha Motor Racing Srl



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