Motegi Track Map with Speed and Gear Telemetry

Posted on 6 Oct, 2015 by Scott Jones

After taking a break from providing a telemetry map for the Aragon round, Yamaha is back on form for Motegi.

The previous Yamaha telemetry map for Misano showed the Yamaha riders shifting down to first gear on four occasions, while at Motegi the map shows three such instances. (IMS shows more turns taken in first, with six.)

As much as I enjoy looking at these telemetry maps, a large part of the activity has come to be identifying which details about them are suspicious. For the Motegi edition, we see that after exiting Turn 5 the riders go from first gear directly to fourth. Perhaps this is meant to indicate a double quick shift. At trackside I often hear riders doing single quick shifts while exiting certain corners. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a double, such as going from first to fourth in less than a second.

The data show extremely impressive acceleration out of that first gear Turn 5: 85 km/h up to 211.6 in what must be a fraction of a second. They should try skipping second and third more often!

On the back straight, the only instance of the bikes being in sixth gear, top speed for the Yamahas is shown as 287 km/h. But why do the Yamahas even bother with sixth gear? Between turns 4 and 5 they reach 295.5 km/h in fifth gear, and with less room to accelerate than on the back straight, albeit accelerating from third gear as they exit turn 4.

The Ducati press release for this round states that top speed at Motegi was claimed in 2013 by Dani Pedrosa with 310.3 km/h, though it doesn’t say if this was on the back straight or between turns 4 and 5. I’ve always assumed the top speed was reached in the single sixth gear section, but this is one reason why these Yamaha telemetry maps are so interesting.

Thanks again to Yamaha for providing this series of maps with telemetry.

Image: ©2015 by Yamaha Motor Racing Srl



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