Views of Cadwell Park 2016

Posted on 30 Aug, 2016 by Scott Jones
Cadwell Park 2016

Once again it was my pleasure to join my British Superbike friends and colleagues at Cadwell Park. Cadwell is possibly my second favorite circuit to photograph behind Phillip Island. It’s a fantastic race track in a lovely setting, so enjoyable to visit that I go there just for the fun of it. It’s really a pleasure to see my BSB buddies AND get to take some photos at such a nice circuit without the pressure of a MotoGP weekend. As last year, a special thanks to series director Stuart Higgs for sorting a photo credential for me.

Above, Jack Kennedy approaches The Mountain with a contrived bike photobomb on my part. Took me nearly five minutes of trying to get a jumping bike included the foreground, just to see if I could get another new take on this iconic section of Cadwell Park. It’s not easy! There were always photographers around this section of the track, shooting it from each side, from the back and from head on.


Cadwell-Park-2016-JASON-O'HALLORAN-mountainAgain trying a through some trees shot, I got this one from the end of the post-Mountain straight, and noticed in this photo of Jason O’Halloran it’s really the landing that’s the tricky part of flying too high. The landing section makes for some pretty exciting wobbles if the rider doesn’t keep those wheels lined up in the air.


Cadwell-Park-2016-John-HopkinsSometimes Cadwell looks like a pleasing, if quite loud, ride through the countryside. John Hopkins approaches the Hairpin.


Cadwell-Park-2016-Leon-HaslamThe undulating circuit can make for a nice game of Find Leon Hallam.


Cadwell-Park-2016-JASON-O'HALLORANThere are many sections where the bikes are so close and coming right at you that you dare not look the other way. Again, Jason O’Halloran.


Cadwell-Park-2016-Garry-ReindersFamiliar faces also appear unexpectedly if you’re not following the series closely. This is former Tech3 crew chief (first to Colin Edwards, then James Joseland in one of MotoGP’s less flattering chapters) Garry Reinders.


Cadwell-Park-2016-mechanicBSB also has this chap. #win


Cadwell-Park-2016-Shane-Byrne-slideBSB also has great riders capable of sliding a Ducati around a turn with the front tire in the air. I consider this one of the things I could do IF I were Shane Byrne.


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