Behind The Scenes of WorldSBK Commentary with Greg Haines and Steve English

Posted on 28 Oct, 2016 by Scott Jones
wsbk commentary laguna seca

At Laguna Seca I was welcomed into the WorldSBK Commentary broadcast booth by Greg Haines and Steve English, who showed me not only an example of the space from which they deliver the world feed commentary but also how they prepare for a broadcast. As the WSBK season concludes at Losail, here’s a look behind the scenes at how the commentary happens.

Greg and Steve rely on much of the same information available via the WorldSBK web site, but they do have a few special tools such as the rider position track map shown in the photo above. During the session, each rider’s number shows up on that track map so Greg and Steve can see which sectors the riders are currently in. On the right bank of four small monitors the live timing information is displayed, along with the actual video feed in the center monitor.


wsbk commentaryGreg Haines is the main commentator, supplying the moment by moment information.


wsbk-commentary-laguna-seca-steve-english-speaksSteve English is the color man, supplying his unique analysis of the action.


wsbk-commentary-laguna-seca-crash-monitorAs a session progresses the commentators respond to what they see on the monitors and live timing screens.


wsbk-commentary-laguna-seca-displaysSeveral pieces of audio hardware adorn the desk space in front of the monitors, along with a supply of water and cough drops.


wsbk-commentary-laguna-seca-steve-englishSteve makes his own notes for the broadcast based on the interviews he does earlier in the weekend and facts he hunts down while chatting to people in the paddock, back at the hotel, out on the town for dinner, and so on.


wsbk-commentary-laguna-seca-race-notesBut Greg’s preparation is extremely detailed and data-driven. I was invited to photograph several of his data sheets to give you an idea of just how much time he spends preparing for each weekend. This one gives the previous year’s results as well as various information about individual riders.


wsbk-commentary-laguna-seca-track-mapGreg’s track map has not only the sector info but also background on the circuit and the local setting.


More about the official WSBK commentary on the next page:

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