Nicky Hayden Tribute on YouTube

Posted on 2 Jun, 2017 by Scott Jones
Nicky Hayden Tribute

Nicky Hayden was a very special rider for me personally and also for my business. He was the first MotoGP rider to agree to work with me to offer signed prints to fans, and since starting to work together in 2012, Nicky was my most frequent and most successful collaborator. Thus I got to know him better than any other rider in the MotoGP paddock. Along with many of his fans, I’m still a bit in shock that he is no longer with us.

Since his passing on May 22, I’ve been going through images from my archives, picking my examples that show a little bit of what was so special about Nicky Hayden. I’ve posted my Nicky Hayden Tribute on YouTube in the PhotoGP channel and hope that you’ll enjoy watching, albeit in the bittersweet way engendered by a tribute like this.






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