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Diamonds – Honda RC213V Exhaust



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From our series of Open Editions based on the beauty of motorcycle racing Technology, Diamonds shows a close up of a Honda RC213V exhaust grille that prevents gravel and other undesirable items from entering the exhaust pipe and reaching the engine in case of a crash. In typical HRC fashion, the grille itself is perfectly symmetrical if you compare one side to the other, or the top half to the bottom. Even this piece of the RC213V is engineered and built to the highest standard.

Beyond that, the grille is composed of 64 individual diamond shapes (discounting the incomplete sections but counting those on the periphery that are slightly misshapen due to the thickness of the rim). Those 64 small diamonds can be combined to created larger diamonds (composed of four, nine, sixteen, or twenty-five individual diamond sections). How many can you find all together?

The photograph is from Silverstone, 2014.

Product Details

This image is available via this page in three sizes of photographic print on lustre paper: 15×10″, 18×12″ and 24×16″

For more options, such as different sizes, image mounting and so on, please inquire via this site's Contact form.

Photographic prints DO NOT display the watermark, PhotoGP logo or copyright notice.


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