Skully AR-1 Helmet

Posted on 15 Aug, 2014 by Scott Jones
Skully Helmet

With the Skully AR-1 helmet, you may not be able to fly, but you might feel like Iron Man riding a motorbike.

The $1,399 helmet is DOT/ECE Certified and comes in different sizes with interchangeable inserts as you’d expect with any decent crash hat, but it also has a transparent display HUD (Heads Up Display) so you can see a variety of information as you ride.

GPS directions? No more looking down at a phone or other device mounted on your handle bars.


It has a wide angle rear view camera. Finally, eyes in the back of your head!

Audio is built in so you can stream music, and you can make hands-free calls thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

Skully Helmet

Is there any interest in something like this?

On August 10th Skully Systems began an Indiegogo campaign to raise $250,000. With 25 days left, they’ve already raised 473%, or $1,181,333.

32 folks have selected the Passenger 2-pack Perk for $2,649, while the most popular is the standard AR-1 option for $1,399, which has 429 takers at the moment.

Check out more info at the Skully Systems website.



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