First in Flight at Day of Champions

Posted on 28 Aug, 2014 by Scott Jones
Marc Marquez First in Flight at Day of Champions

I’m very pleased to report that this year’s PHOTO.GP donation to Riders for Health’s Day of Champions fundraiser was claimed for a winning bid of £900 ($1,410)!

#40 of the First in Flight Limited Edition’s 50 copies went for a premium price after presenter Gavin Emmett and featured rider Marc Marquez discussed the moment captured in this unique image.

Our sincerest thanks to Gareth Ashman, shown here holding the matted print, for giving the important details to Gavin just before the print was put up for auction.

Gavin was then able to tell the audience what is special about this image. Not only did he describe how Marc has both wheels in the air, but he pointed out that as MotoGP will not return to Laguna Seca for the foreseeable future, this is now a truly one-of-a-kind example of MotoGP photography.

Marc also contributed to the description, mentioning first that he was flat-out in sixth gear at this point, and that it was an experience as unique as the photograph. It was one that, as he gestured from groin to throat, made ‘the balls go all the way up!”

We are still waiting for the final tally on the day’s proceeds, which will again be matched by the British government. So in effect, this print brings £1,800 to the Riders for Health’s largest and most important fundraiser of the year.

Thanks again to Marc, Gavin, and Gareth!

Photograph: ©2014 by Scott Jones / PHOTO.GP – All Rights Reserved



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  • Jensen Beeler 2014-08-29

    Great shot, and a great cause. Congrats Scott!

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