Raw Challenge #3 – Possibilities

Posted on 16 Sep, 2014 by Scott Jones
raw challenge #3


#7 is from John Marshall, image #2 again.


#8 is from Stephen Mahon, who says: “It was difficult to pick one and stick to it. I kept changing my mind, but eventually settled for no 5. I rotated, cropped and bumped up clarity and shadows in Lightroom.”

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  • Todd Connaughton 2014-09-17

    I like Jensen’s version a lot. In hindsight I might have gone for this pic, The furrowed brow and the eyeball detail really pops out.

  • Jensen Beeler 2014-09-18

    #4 makes me think Cal is saying “oh my!” in a very proper English voice.

  • Jensen Beeler 2014-09-18

    Cheers Todd!

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