All In The Wrist – Danilo Petrucci’s Throttle Control

Posted on 20 Apr, 2015 by Scott Jones
Danilo Petrucci throttle hand

While strolling down the Losail pit lane before the Friday sun had gone down, I saw Danilo Petrucci giving a demonstration to Italian TV about riding position on his Pramac Ducati. I made the assumption that Petrucci was on an imagined lap of the Qatar circuit, narrating as he went about how he managed throttle control and the front brake lever.

While not wanting to intrude on the situation, I was nonetheless fascinated by how Petrucci’s hand and wrist changed position on this imaginary lap. When a rider has his gloves on, there is only so much we can see, even in still images, about what is going on beneath the leather, padding and plastic armor.

With Petrucci’s right hand exposed, many details are visible. I snapped away and have selected a series of images that shows the various positions he gets into on track.

Danilo Petrucci explains Losail lapPetrucci describes his actions for Italian TV as he ‘rides’ around Losail.

Danilo Petrucci right hand positionOn the brakes, two fingers with index finger in deepest section of brake lever.

Danilo Petrucci right hand positionLeft turn entry, fingers move away from the brake lever back to throttle.

Danilo Petrucci right hand positionFor a moment his fingers are fairly neutral, but this doesn’t last long.

Danilo Petrucci right hand positionAt full lean his fingers are now diagonal on the throttle. Petrucci is 180cm (5′ 10.8″) tall, one of the taller riders in MotoGP. Imagine what the shorter riders’ wrist positions look like at full lean as they try to get their shoulders as far to one side of the bike as possible.

Danilo Petrucci right hand positionMoving back to a neutral position.

Danilo Petrucci right hand positionPreparing to grab for brake lever.

Marc Marquez First in flight

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