Sachsenring Track Map with Speed and Gear Telemetry

Posted on 9 Jul, 2015 by Scott Jones
Sachsenring telemetry track map

The latest Yamaha track map with speed and gear selection telemetry is for this weekend’s race at Sachsenring.

This is a very interesting circuit because of how long it keeps bikes on one side of the tire. After the nearly 360 degrees of 2nd gear right turns in the Castrol Omega curve, the bikes start turning left as they shift into 3rd gear and then keep going left in 4th gear until finally turning right just after shifting into 5th. The map says 180.8 km/h and there have been some hairy crashes as the riders turn back onto well-cooled right sides of their tires at Turn 11.

Sachsenring has another of my favorite turns to observe first hand, and this section of track would be challenging enough if even it weren’t preceded by seven consecutive left turns. From the inside or the outside, to watch the MotoGP bikes speed through Turn 11 is breathtaking. Similar to the Veenslang section at Assen that I mentioned last time, not only is this an amazing combination of acceleration, speed, and turning, but Sachsenring’s Turn 11 adds a steep drop as the riders nearly fly down to Turn 12. In 2013 I was photographing this section when Cal Crutchlow crashed here and it was pretty scary.

Otherwise, no first gear sections for the Yamaha riders according to this map, and for the first eleven turns, the riders shift from 2nd, to 3rd, to 4th, to 5th and then to 6th in a single progression without any downshifts.

Thanks again to Yamaha for providing these telemetry maps!

Image: ©2015 by Yamaha Motor Racing Srl

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  • 3D-Racetracks 2015-07-09

    This would be pretty neat to overlay on one of my topographic track models. Here’s the Sachsenring model – . I may give it a shot.

    • Scott Jones 2015-07-09

      I’d be interested to see that.

  • 3D-Racetracks 2015-07-09

    Hey Scott. I gave it a go and posted about it on my blog. I think the model came out really neat! Here’s a link –

    If you want any pictures or anything let me know.

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