Race Day at Cadwell Park British Superbikes

Posted on 24 Aug, 2015 by Scott Jones
cadwell park bsb race 1 start

Spoiler Alert: Race Day at Cadwell Park British Superbikes contains results from Sunday’s Superbike races.

On the grid for Race 1, the series announcer welcomed a large Cadwell Park crowd to the best national motorbike series in the world. While the Spainish and Italian fans might care to argue the point, certainly BSB is one of the best. The MCE British Superbike series is fantastic, from the level of competiton to the level of factory and sponsor involvement to the size of the crowds that include people not just from the U.K. but from many European countries. Sometimes even an American shows up to enjoy the show and grab a few snapshots.

In the Superbike class, most of the riders are from the United Kingdom, but you also see riders from Australia, Japan, the United States, Ireland, even Sweden and Brazil. The support classes are even more diverse, a testament to how riders come to BSB from all over to develop their skills and to be seen racing against this level of competition.

At Cadwell Park British Superbikes is a beautiful thing to behold. As I said when I went to Knockhill, BSB offers a wide variety of classes to enjoy, with recognizable names to watch in the faster groups and plenty of youngsters with bright futures on the smaller bikes. Cadwell Park is a jewel, as I described the other day. After three days here, I now place Cadwell Park among the circuits I hope to visit as often as possible. I don’t know what other events they host at this facility, but next year for BSB, be here if you can. I hope to see you.

Now, on to the race day scenes.


Danny Buchan BSB Cadwell Park 2015Danny Buchan had high hopes of giving Josh Brookes a run for his money. Unfortunately, Buchan crashed heavily on The Mountain in Race 1 and then struggled to 8th place in Race 2.


Shane Byrne BSB Cadwell Park 2015Shane Byrne searched all weekend for a good feeling on his PBM Kawasaki and his steady improvement helped deliver first a 6th and then 4th place on Sunday. Shakey is now second overall, 39 points behind Josh Brookes for the season.


John Hopkins BSB Cadwell Park 2015At 32, John Hopkins may benefit from a bit more stretching before mounting his Lloyds British Moto Rapido Panigale. Hopper received a warm welcome from the Cadwell crowd, and after going as well as 6th fastest (FP2) and then as close as 0.624 behind a charging Brookes (FP3), Hopkins struggled in Qualifying and finished 16th in Race 1 and did not complete Race 2. By the way, in BSB a rider doesn’t let a few scuffs on his leathers require a trip to the Alpinestars truck for a cosmetic tune up. We are here to race motorbikes first and foremost. Looking pretty is not as important.


Peter Hickman BSB Cadwell Park 2015Peter Hickman has graced the pages of PhotoGP before, but usually for his work on the Irish roads and the IoMTT. He’s a handy short circuit rider as well and as tough as a bag nails. Steve English and I chatted with him briefly between sessions, Hicky with his left elbow wrapped in gauze, the rider unable to straighten his arm completely. He dismissed the injury, saying he’d be all right. Who needs to be able to straighten both arms to ride a superbike, after all? Motorcycle racers ain’t like the rest of us.


Josh Brookes BSB Cadwell Park 2015Josh Brookes at Cadwell Park reminded me a bit of Casey Stoner at Phillip Island. Just as no one could touch Stoner through Turn 3, no one jumped as high or as far as Brookes over The Mountain or was as fast around the circuit. Also like Stoner, Brookes lined up on race day as the single rider who by all rights should win. Two victories would only be meeting expectations.

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