2015 Superprestigio with Steve English

Posted on 13 Dec, 2015 by Scott Jones


Brad-Baker-from-aboveFlat track, American style via Brad Baker.


Brad-Baker-not-falling-Barcelona-2015When he isn’t riding in a straight line, Baker usually looks like he’s a moment away from falling. But no, he’s just going around the turn faster than anyone else.


Ferran-CARDUS-Barcelona-2015Ricky’s brother Ferran Cardus can get sideways.


Jared-Mees-Turn-2-Barcelona-2015Two AMA National Championships in a row, plus a win in the first American Superprestigio. Nice work, Jared Mees.


Marc-Marquez-unidirectionalFast on tarmac and fast in the dirt, Marc Marquez likes to win his pet event.


Marc-Marquez-flat-track-2015There’s something about those with world championship ability – they can put that front tire a sliver away from disaster.


Marc-Marquez-sideways-and-a-halfEven if they do get out of shape, more often than not they recover.


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