2015 Superprestigio with Steve English

Posted on 13 Dec, 2015 by Scott Jones


Alex-Rins-Jared-Mees-Superprestigio-2015One of the best things about the Superprestigio event – folks who might otherwise never come face to face find themselves lined up in a friendly event. Moto and Moto2 star Alex Rins meets Jared Mees.


Marc-Marquez-in-crowd-SUperprestigioFriendly event or no, one fellow wants to win this event more than anyone else.


Alex-Marquez-heat-turn-1A short track race is a bit hectic in Turn 1 on the first lap. Alex Marquez leads the pack.


Brad-Baker-wins-Superprestigio-2015In the main event, the Supreprestigio Superfinal of Superness, Baker grabbed a lead and held on to it easily.


Superprestigion-final-chequered-flagHe graciously made it look like a race and Marquez finished close behind.


Brad-Baker-Alex-Rins-Barcelona-2015Rins won Best of the Rest with a 4th place and hearty hand clasp from Baker. Really well done for Rins.


Marc-Marquez-victory-lapMarquez is 2-0 against Mees and 0-2 against Baker. Last year Baker dislocated his shoulder in practice and had to skip the racing.


Brad-Baker-Jared-Mees-Marc-Marquez-Superprestigio-2015-podiumA gracious podium!


Brad-Maker-Superprestigio-2015-podiumA solid victory on foreign soil. Baker and Mees continue to be good ambassadors in Spain. Just imagine if they rode more short track at home instead of the half- and mile tracks…


Photograph: ©2015 by Steven English / Stephen English Photography – All Rights Reserved




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