Raw Challenge #9 – Dani in Austria

Posted on 15 Aug, 2016 by Scott Jones

I love to see our Raw Challenge participants thinking about different options, even though that might hurt a bit. Keep ’em coming, friends!

Version #6 is from RC regular Bill Nuttall, who comments:
I definitely struggled with this one! I tried to turn the distracting guy behind Dani from being annoying into part of the composition.



Version #7 is from Maria C in Romania (I LOVE that people around the world participate in this, thanks Maria!) who shows of some pretty nifty masking work:
2016-MotoGP-10-Austria-Friday-1103 - edit by Maria C


Neil Kiser sends us #8:


Version #9 is from Rory O’Toole:


Version #10 is from Kevin Ould, who says:
I am trying Raw Challenge for the first time. I did some cropping, noise reduction, tone mapping and minor contrast/lighting adjustments.

More Reader Edited Versions on the next page:



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