Raw Challenge #9 – Dani in Austria

Posted on 15 Aug, 2016 by Scott Jones

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A couple more before we call it a day on #9. Reader version #21 is from Hungary via Raw Challenge veteran Gémesi Balázs:


#22 is from Dan Pollock and was edited with Photoshop and Nik tools.


#23 is from SnapChap, with my apologies for the delay in adding your version:
Context of an image is often the make or break, but in this case the background doesn’t really add anything and Danni looks a little lost in the scene as taken, I tried many crops, some at angle in an attempt to make it a bit more dynamic, but settled on a crop whereby it’s more intimate. Convention would normally sway an editor to get the subject to look into the picture, but there isn’t enough space on the left for him to look into, and if you were to do that in the same aspect there’d not be much left. So, the next step is to get the colours and contrast etc punchy enough that focus is instantly drawn to Danni. I looked at the possibility of removing the car wheel in the background, but to be honest I’m not a big fan of removing stuff, I’d much rather add or remove emphasis to what’s already there, which in this case is to get the viewer to look to the visor and then spot Danni’s eyes.


And finally, here is my version of this image, all edits done in Lightroom:

Now is a great time to scroll pas the previous 22 versions of this image to enjoy the variety and see what you can learn. As ever, I’m really impressed with the different approaches people take, and I want to thank everyone who participated.

With 23 total versions of this original, unedited photograph, it seems probable you’ll find some you like more than mine. Feel free to compliment the editor(s) you like best either here in the comments or on Twitter and I’ll try to pass your tweet along if I can.

But if you’re wondering why my version looks like it does, you’ll shortly be able to see and hear my reasons for editing it as I did. This image is not only the subject of Raw Challenge #9 but also the subject of the next Photo Reconstruction video. Some of you know I have a YouTube channel showing photo editing tips of various kinds, and others of you know that I offer 1080p and often extended versions of those videos to the dear folks who support me on Patreon. The Photo Reconstruction video for this image is nearly done and should be available soon, both on YouTube in 720p and to my Patreon supporters in 1080p.

So thanks again to everyone who sent in an edit or Retweeted the Raw Challenge items, I appreciate both very much. We’ll keep doing these as long as you keep enjoying them.


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