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Pedrosa Obscura (Unsigned)


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Pedrosa Obscura – Silverstone, 2013.

Working among so many talented photographers, I try again and again to create images that are different from what the others are doing, trusting that I will come up with my own style of photography as long as I keep pushing myself away from doing the same thing over and over again.

Occasionally I come away with an image that I hope represents the PhotoGP brand and my best work. This is one of those images.

In addition to the personal satisfaction I take from this shot, it has also led to one of the most rewarding interactions with a rider of my career in MotoGP. One of the most polite and friendly of the riders I work with, Dani took his time in the Repsol hospitality at Valencia in 2013, looking at each of the prints I was asking him to sign, either for my Custom Signatures clients, or for shots like this one for PhotoGP inventory. He tried to guess where each image was made, the track and the corner and the season. Some times he knew it immediately, sometimes he was surprised by the answer.

When we arrived at this image, he held up the print for some time and examined it. I wish I had made a note about exactly what he’d said, but it was something to the effect that it was unlike anything he’d seen. I offered to send him a print of this image, and we began a discussion of how large I could print it.

The next season at CotA I gave him a copy of this printed at 45×30″, nearly life size. He said he would have it framed and hang it in his apartment. I asked for a phone shot of the finished piece and he said he’d send it to me, but I’m still waiting for that…

While you can order unsigned prints of this image soon this page, the 14×11″ signed print is still available here.

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