Motorsports Photography Tips List

Posted on 16 Mar, 2015 by Scott Jones

The Motorsports Photography Tips page here at PHOTO.GP brings together all of our past articles on how to improve your motorsports photography. Most recent articles are at the top so you can see what you’ve missed since your previous visit.


dust-spots-lightroomDust spot removal in Lightroom and Photoshop, Part 1


Pedrosa-saturated-sPhoto Reconstruction: Pedrosa Saturated


visual-storytelling-episode-4-cropCrop to tell your story


video-screenLinks to the first two Photo Reconstruction videos.

Nikon-gaffer-tapeThe good and the bad about using gaffer tape to protect your photo gear.

Leon Haslam Aprilia Laguna Seca WSBK 2015Discussion of how cropping a photo can change the story you’re telling with a given image, including examples.

Valentino Rossi Losail pit lane 2015Internet advice on why you should be wary of Internet advice.

photo tip lens hood useWhat is that lens hood for and why should you bother with it? Find out here.

Marc Marquez pit lane blurSome details about slow shutter motion blur shots.

Valentino Rossi grid Losail 2015Examples of how to use the histogram to adjust the brightness of your images before they are displayed on the Internet.

Tom Sykes Milller Motor Sports Park WSBK 2010Answers to a reader’s questions about shutter speeds for panning, Vibration Reduction, tripods vs monopods, and teleconverters.

Photography PreparationGetting to the first race of the season with everything that’s supposed to be in the bag requires some extra attention to the packing checklist.

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