Brno Michelin Test 2015

Posted on 20 Aug, 2015 by Scott Jones
Brno Michelin Test 2015 Ducati Intermediate rear

As Michelin prepares to replace Bridgestone as the tire supplier for MotoGP, the French company has been testing their rubber as frequently as makes sense, which is sometimes after a circuit has hosted a race. The Monday after the Czech GP was such an opportunity, or was supposed to have been. Rather than a Michelin test at which the Michelin test riders try out the latest versions of the tires, this was one of the occasions when actual MotoGP riders were on hand to give their feedback.

But after three days of sweltering, photographer-melting heat at the Brno Automotodrom, Monday was rainy and a wash out as far as collecting much data from the riders about the latest French rubber. Michelin had even brought front and rear Intermediate tires, sparking hope that in 2016 we might avoid those sad instances where a half-dry half-wet track saw the MotoGP riders sitting in their garages waiting for actual rain or a dry track, but not willing to go out in mixed conditions. Whether an Intermediate tire will be a part of the 2016 season, time will tell. But riders had the option to test it on Monday. Shown above, the Intermediate rear mounted on a 17-inch wheel of a Pramac Ducati.

After some track time (not much!) the rear looked like this:
Michelin rear intermediate brno Ducati


To compare, the rear Rain tire, with deeper grooves in the middle and more grooves on the edges, looks like this, having been broken in by Alvaro Bautista:
Michelin Brno test rain rear


The Intermediate front:
Michelin intermediate front Brno test 2015

And the Rain front:
Michelin rain front Brno test 2015Notice that Michelin (for the moment, anyway) is going with angled grooves rather than perpendicular grooves as has Bridgestone.

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